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  • Michelle Wilson

Straighten Up!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

Sometimes, it’s the simple things.

Did you know that making little changes in your day to day life can add up to big benefits?

Posture is something that enters most people’s minds at one time or another. There isn’t much thought given to why though other than, it looks better. Did you know that it also helps with breathing, digestion, anxiety and depression to name a few things?

Here’s an experiment to try: walk around for one minute as if you were extremely sad. What kind of posture did you take on? Probably rather curled in, slumped forward. If you stay in that posture for a while, you’ll start to feel sad. Being in a slumped posture brings you down both physically and mentally.

Now, try the opposite. Take on the posture of someone who just won a competition or accomplished an amazing goal! Stay like that and walk around for a little bit. It feels good to be in that great posture!

The question becomes, how do you maintain that great posture? Try adding the little things. One easy thing to incorporate into your day is using the headrest in your vehicle. It’s a simple thing that most people don’t think about and, chances are it’s already just a few millimeters from your usual head position.

Another simple thing to do is conscious breathing exercises. It doesn’t have to take long and doesn’t matter where you are. Take a couple deep breaths down into your belly, then some into your lower ribs trying to get them to expand and contract. Now, take a few into your upper ribs.By breathing into these areas you remind your brain that the muscles involved are able to contract and release. Sometimes breathing into these areas is not the easiest due to chronically contracted muscles. If you experience this, forms of movement therapy like Hanna Somatics (something I teach) can help with this.

Another posture aid that is great in reminding you of any dysfunctions you may be experiencing, and assisting you in correcting them - is our Posture Medic device. You can find it in our shop!

Blog written by: Michelle Wilson

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