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Horse and Rider Refinement

Fine tuning ourselves and our horses for competition! Small tasks outside of our regular routine can be the thing that helps to us the earn extra .5 on the score card or helps us to shave off that tenth of a second sitting between you and a paycheque at the rodeo! Heres a few things to work on!


Riding in Bands: In our riding clinics one of the portions is riding in our bands that help to improve equitation and improve imbalances in the saddle. Riding in the bands helps us to understand the feel of where we really need to be in the saddle:Proprioception!

Riding Band Exercise: Outside of the saddle is a great option to work on our asymmetry. By putting the riding bands over our shoulders and under our feet and performing some basic movements such as crab walks and squats, it helps us to train our body’s to move symmetrically which then transfers to balanced riding!

Riding in Posture Medic: Coaches are often telling riders to have shoulders back and head up. Wearing a posture medic while you practice or warm up can help to activate & strengthen the correct muscles to accomplish the desired equation.


Equine Pole Work: Horses sometimes get used to moving in the nice level ground which can reduce proprioception of the hooves and increase the risk of injury. If you are noticing some toe dragging or stumbling over nothing this can be a great conditioning tool for your horse! By randomly placing poles around the arena this maintains the horses awareness and further engages and works muscles that are used to manoeuvre objects. This can be done on a lead, riding, or on a lunge line!

Backing Up Hill: Backing up hill helps to activate and condition the muscles in the horses hind end and top line. This exercise prompts our horse to get underneath of themselves with then transfers to forward motion giving them a bigger reach, as well as increased strength increasing performance in multiple aspects.

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