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Having Keira work on my mare has been quite a game changer. I needed something to compliment my mare's regular maintenance, and wanted some exercises to help build strength and flexibility. I have noticed such a difference in my mare - her strength and flexibility have improved immensely, and her overall demeanour is way more happy and comfortable. Keira is highly educated, highly qualified, and so easy to communicate with. I recommend all my friends with horses to see her, as she compliments and works effectively with any program that is set up for the horse.

- Becky and Cora

Keira's in depth understanding of the physiological structure of both horse and human, as well as her background in riding allows her to look at a rider's issue and not see it as lack of effort on the rider or horses part, but as an actual physiological issue that needs addressing.
Keira noticed the root cause of my leg pointing out was in my tight hip muscles, which didn't allow me to wrap my leg around my horse. Keira gave me practical stretches/movements  to increase hip mobility. It's been over a year now and for the first time in my life, I was winning equitation classes and getting strong dressage scores with 7/8's in rider equitation and form. Thank you Keira for solving my life-long "toe out" issue and improving my entire leg, seat, and equitation, which also transferred to improvements in my horses way of going!

- Shawna and Milly

2 years ago! Toes straight out, no contact with the saddle above the knee, unsteady lower leg.

Now a solid and stable lower leg with a forward foot.

I've been absolutely amazed at the outcome my horse had after having just one treatment from Keira. She is so knowledgable at what she does and you can tell she loves doing it! She keeps my equine athlete in top condition to help him perform at his best. Keira is constantly going out of her way to make sure he is feeling great and I can't wait for further treatments to see more improvements. I have also learnt a ton from just watching and listening to her! Overall fantastic experience.

- Kendall and Wendo

As a dressage rider and instructor, I trust Sandra to help keep my horses and I pain free and performing at our best. I have also relied on them to help me overcome a neck and back injury that I got in a car accident and this enabled me back in the saddle quickly.
I have owned horses with severe body pain resulting from back injuries, various lameness issues, colic surgery and dystocia. The therapists from Equus have played a key role in their recovery. They are experienced riders and apply their knowledge of riding to help formulate recovery programs that work for both their human and equine patients. I highly recommend them.
- Pamela and Simba
I felt comfortable and confident in Sandra's care; the examination felt very complete, and it seemed like she quickly zeroed in on my issues. I think more so than other physiotherapists I have seen over the years. I feel optimistic about the exercises and stretching routine prescribed. Thanks and I look forward to my next visit where I hope you will see an improvement…
- Peter
The staff at Equus Physio are truly amazing! After dislocating my kneecap in December 2017, Sandra has worked nonstop to develop ongoing exercise and physio plans for my recovery. She has catered to my insecurities and fears of the dislocation recurring, and helped me see past the injury and into the future of knee strength maintenance.
- Christine
This was my first time ever seeing a physiotherapist and I was really impressed. After only a one hour session I already felt better and left with a wealth of knowledge. I love that the exercises are available to me through an app, including video so I know I’m doing it right. My visit was with Sandra, would highly recommend her!
- Jessie
The ladies at Equus Physio are great! They can fix me and my horses and give us exercises to strengthen muscles and resolve the problems for good.
- Pam
If you are a horse person looking to consolidate your physio needs with you and your horse's, this place is one of a kind. These ladies helped us immensely. And they gave me tools to help prevent pain after our treatments ended. This is for both horse and rider and even for non-riders. If you are thinking about using them, don't hesitate. GO!
- Agnes
Thalia is amazing! She does an amazing job massaging my mare! If you want your horse to feel like a million bucks I’d pay her a visit!!
- Mackenzie


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