Ever feel like your horse isn’t moving straight? Or that you have pain or stiffness somewhere in your body during or after riding? How about your instructor constantly reminding you to sit a certain way? Perhaps YOU & YOUR horse need some treatment.

Clinic Format:

  • Takes place at your own facility

  • Subjective assessment to discuss medical conditions, dysfunctions and asymmetries

  • Objective assessment to determine diagnosis.

  • Individualized treatment including manual hands-on therapy, modalities as required and a prescribed therapeutic exercise program designed for each rider and their specific dysfunctions.

    • 15 minute analysis of the horse and rider under saddle for 

    • 60 minute treatment for the horse and rider independently​ (30 minutes each)

    • 15 minute re-analysis under saddle 

One Day Clinic          $225/pair

Two Day Clinic          $400/pair

* Travel and  accommodation extra

*GST charged on equine physio portion of clinic

*$125.00/day for rider physiotherapy may be submitted to all major health insurance companies 


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