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  • Thalia Edwards SMT, FdSc, BSc, MSc

Think WAY ahead!!!

Think WAY ahead!!!

Equine Training and Wellness Program. Think WAY ahead!!!

It’s that time of year when the busy show session is coming to an end. Perhaps you don’t show and you have been enjoying the great weather and riding out on a regular bases. Whatever your discipline or regime your horse has been working hard. I want to take a moment, remind you to think ahead before just turning your horse out and leaving it for the winter or even a couple months. While I am a big promotor of recovery, there is a good way to do it that will benefit your horse later on.

For any of you who have worked out for a period of time and then all of a sudden stop, whether that’s for an injury or life, you know you don’t feel your greatest. All of a sudden you are stiffer when you wake up in the mornings, perhaps a little more sore than normal and if you keep eating similarly you know you just feel “blah” throughout the day. Well it’s the same with your horse.

Think about it… you have been working hard at keeping them sound and in shape and perhaps they have been a little asymmetrical but since they are muscled-up and able to hold themselves properly it doesn’t show. What happens when you just stop that regime and they lose all that muscle? Then you have to start from the bottom again come January or even later in the spring due to our long winter season. They are then starting off with issues that need time to be addressed. That’s tough when we have such a short summer. I have a number of clients who only just got their horses in shape and moving well in July/August! Then run them as much as they can before the weather and show season run out. I have a solution though.

Take the time this fall to get them assessed and see where the areas are that need addressed. If you do that and get them a few treatments so they are moving better throughout the winter you will have a horse ready to work in the spring. You can also use whatever exercises or program your therapist gives you as a progressive recovery stage. This way the muscles don’t just stop working. Here is what I recommend so you start 2019 strong instead of behind.

  • Look at your goals for next year. Know when you will have to start working with your horse to make sure they are given a strong, slow and progressive training program so as not to stress the body.

  • Plan a maintenance program. Get them the therapy or medical treatment now so they can be symmetrical and happy going into winter.

  • Keep that up throughout even if that means a treatment or massage once in the middle. Catching even the smallest of tension early on can make a big difference. Waiting a few weeks or months can lead to a bigger issue that takes more time and effort to address.

Equus Physio is offering a Wellness Program Package this fall! Book three Equine Massages and get 10% off!!! We can discuss proper training programs and recovery for your horse too!!!

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