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  • Keira Forsyth PT, MScPT

Love Your Vagina pt. 2

Love Yourself and Your Vagina

Again, I am stepping out of my comfort zone and spewing information, which I think, is valuable and necessary for people to know. The following is something I feel so strongly about and more women AND men need to be in the KNOW!

To Reiterate:


  • The pressure society tends to put on a woman’s vagina seems to be so absurd and NOT NORMAL.

10 Tips to Appreciate your LADY BITS:

  1. Don’t wear panty liners 24/7 – vaginal discharge is normal!

  2. Vaginas are like flowers, all with different petal lengths and sizes. It’s normal for labia’s to be longer or shorter.

  3. Vagina’s are acidic hence it’s normal for them to discolour/stain your underwear

  4. Tight vaginas are not indicative of good intercourse – quite often it is the opposite and painful!

  5. Yeast infections are normal, every woman gets them

  6. The vagina is a clean area but not sterile, again don’t wash with soap!

  7. Urinate after intercourse, decrease your chance of getting a UTI

  8. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day, stay hydrated and flush out your bladder

  9. If you’re having any issues go and see you doctor/gynecologist, don’t wait!

  10. LOVE YOURSELF and do the above!

Nourish yourself, INSIDE and OUT

Love who you are INSIDE and OUT

Treat yourself WELL, INSIDE and OUT

Love your vagina and its individuality

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