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Active Rehab & Exercise Rehabilitation

Do you have a new injury and can’t seem to get past that recovery plateau preventing

you from regaining full function and mobility? Or do you have an old nagging injury

that just keeps popping back up? Maybe you have a disability or condition that has

forced you to manage pain and the ongoing restrictions you are faced with on a daily

basis. Are you pregnant or postpartum and unsure of safe and effective exercises to

get you feeling your best?

Recovery can be difficult, but with the right tools and support we can help get you on

the right path to living your life and back to the activities you love!

Physiotherapy is commonly utilized immediately after an injury to overcome major

challenges and regain mobility. Active rehab helps patients safely transition from their

treatments to their pre-injury lifestyle.

Active rehab or exercise rehabilitation is an evidence-based practice used to help

individuals recover from injuries, manage pain and chronic conditions, prevent re-injury,

enhance performance, and ultimately improve your quality of life.

A Clinical Exercise Physiologist/Kinesiologist specializes in:

➔ Injury rehabilitation/Exercise therapy

➔ Dynamics of human movement

➔ Functional/Fitness assessment and


➔ Exercise prescription & execution

➔ Chronic condition and pain management

➔ Musculoskeletal and postural imbalances

➔ Sport performance and injury prevention

➔ Pre/Post Natal exercise prescription

➔ Health promotion and education

A typical active rehab session includes:

➔ Patient history and consultation

◆ Current and past injuries, conditions, or disabilities

◆ Past and present treatments (physio, chiro, massage...)

◆ Goal setting

➔ A functional and/or fitness assessment

◆ Tailored specifically to your injury or condition

◆ Examples include: aerobic capacity, strength, mobility, stability, orthopedic

testing, gait analysis, postural imbalances

➔ Exercise prescription and implementation

◆ Program design to meet your individualized goals and recovery

◆ Coaching and correction of safe exercise techniques using proper body

mechanics and control

➔ An individualized home exercise program utilizing Physitrack technology

◆ Allows you to track progress

◆ Has a detailed description and video for each exercise

➔ Ongoing support, monitoring and progressions

Whether you are looking to run your first 5km post injury, get back to riding with ease,

manage pain or chronic conditions, restore mobility and strength, or improve aerobic

capacity we have the expertise and resources to help you reach your goal.

Written by: Shantelle Mercier


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