De-Stress Your Life!

De-Stress Your Life!

Work is hectic, the kids need to get to their activities, the horses need feeding… It can be hard to fit it all into a day! When life gets complicated, we often forget to spend some time on ourselves. It is extra important at this time that you practice self care. That can be as simple as spending time reading your favourite book, taking your horse out for a relaxing ride or booking in for a massage.

Providing yourself with the time to unwind can have huge effects on your overall health. It is estimated that stress plays a part in 75%-90% of diseases commonly seen in our society. De-stressing can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, improve your mental health and help to decrease your risk for diabetes.

Massage therapy is a great option to help assist in you in your stress relief efforts. Not only does it relax muscles, it also has effects on other parts of the body. It can help reduce your blood pressure, decrease the stress hormone cortisol- which in consistently high levels can lead to weight gain, increased blood sugars and an elevated heart rate- and increase feel good hormones within your body.

Hot stone massages are great for relaxing and taking some me-time! Smooth stones are heated to a comfortable temperature, placed on the points of tension and then used to work the muscles in soothing motions. There is no better way to de-stress!

Book in with a massage therapist today to feel the effects for yourself!

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