HELLO 2018!!!! A Look Back at Our First Few Months PLUS: Functional

HELLO 2018!!!! A Look Back at Our First Few Months PLUS: Functional Movement Assessment



We want to start off by saying THANK YOU for making the first 10 months of Equus Physio such a great success! We are excited to see what the future holds in 2018!!!

An Exciting 2017:

  • Launch of our HUMAN & HORSE combo physio clinics

  • Expansion of the Cochrane human clinic to TWO treatment rooms

  • Addition of TWO massage therapists

  • Participation in Mane Event, Spruce Meadows and CFR

  • Pelvic Floor assessment and treatments for riders

Coming in 2018:

  • Development of our Return to Sport Concussion Program

  • Participation in Peace Country Classic Agri Show in Grand Prairie

  • Riding Physio Clinics booking into March 2018

  • Lectures in Concussion Education for various associations

  • Participation in Mane Event Red Deer

  • Now accepting debit payments under $100

Watch out for our future blog posts, information on our ONE YEAR CELEBRATION and much more! If you want to get in touch about getting your own treatment or setting up a clinic please don't hesitate to contact us!


By Thalia Edwards, BSc ESS, MSc ES, SM

Smart training comes from a foundation of knowing your body’s strengths and weaknesses so you can strive in those areas that may be easier and improve the areas with limitations. Our Functional Movement Screening (FMS) establishes your baseline to determine potential weaknesses that need to be addressed in your training. Equestrian athletes, even at the professional level, are required to train differently than other athletes due to the fact that they have a living, breathing, eating partner that needs attention and care. This doesn't change the fact that riders, in order to perform at their best and stay injury free, need additional training off their equine partner. While many of the screens you perform during analysis do not mimic riding, it can provide useful information for us as coaches on how that individual moves. Our goal, is to create a rider as close to symmetrical as possible, balanced and strong to carry out the specific discipline they take part in.

When Thalia was deciding what to write her Masters thesis on she took her interest of Equine & Equestrian science and combined it with her interest in Human Sports Performance to determine if the Functional Movement Screen could be used in horse back riders. After graduating with her Masters of Science in Equine Science from the University of the West of England (at Hartpury College) her thesis was accepted at the 2014 International Society of Equestrian Science (ISES). Having had work experience in the UK with the Hartpury Therapy Centre and Sports Academy who are involved with top equine & human athletes, Thalia then went on to perform Functional Movement Screening at TCR Sport Lab in Calgary, for a variety of athletes in AB. She helped develop training programs specific to the athlete’s disciplines, goals, body type, previous injuries, etc. She has now found herself in her true element working with both the horse and rider for Equus Physio. The Functional Movement Screen allows Thalia to see where the rider may be asymmetrical, stronger or weaker in specific areas of the body leading to compensation and therefore translating back to the horse. She can then create an individualized and specific training program for each rider to help them become a more symmetrical and balance rider.

For more information check out our website or email thalia.equusphysio@gmail.com

equusphysio.com (587)493-0444

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