Pelvic Floor

Frequently urinating? Troubles or discomfort going to the washroom? 'Leaking' when you sneeze or jump? Planning on having a child? Painful intercourse? Ever leaked, even just once? These are all situations that pelvic floor classes can help you with!

Pelvic Floor Classes improve strength and the condition of your core and pelvic floor. Classes help educate on the importance of your core and pelvic floor in daily life, as well as the significant role they place in equestrian sports. Exercise classes are geared towards teaching helpful strategies, and is designed for people of all backgrounds and abilities (not just horse back riders!)

Online Pelvic Floor Seminar

Cochrane physiotherapist Keira is super excited to offer you her highly popular Pelvic Floor Seminar ONLINE!!!!

Choose between:
1-Pelvic Floor and Core
2- Pelvic Floor and Core - Equestrians

This seminar includes:
1- Educational lecture on the pelvic floor, giving you all of the tips and tricks so you don't have to suffer in silence anymore!
2- Individual videos with specific instructions on how to perform your recommended exercises properly!
3- Forty-five minute exercise session, combining all of your new knowledge into one comprehensive unit.
4-Full access to the provided information for ONE MONTH!
5-Ability to claim to your Extended Health Care Benefits. 


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