As riders we are constantly thinking about the mobility, comfort and strength of our horses while the rider, as an athlete themselves, is pushed to the side. Whether you're a professional recovering from wear and tear on your body or an amateur trying to qualify for the next level, injuries happen and the key to proper recovery and increased performance is efficient timing and appropriate treatment.

This includes loosening tight muscles, removing adhesions and restrictions, normalizing joint function, and strengthening your muscles to bring you through the remaining stages of recovery and ultimately to full participation in your chosen activity. Sports Massage can be administered at different times throughout recovery from an injury or as a maintenance strategy: pre training, during training, post training and competing.

Human Sports Massage Benefits: 

  • Increased and improved circulation

  • Muscle spasm relief

  • Prevention and relief from adhesions

  • Increased range of movement

  • Released tension

  • Increased mental relaxation

  • Enhanced muscle tone

  • Muscle fiber stimulation

  • Injury prevention

  • Aid in injury recovery

  • Atrophy prevention (muscle wasting) 



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