Smart training comes from a foundation of knowing your body’s strengths and weaknesses so you can strive in areas which are easier and improve the areas where one has limitations. Functional Movement Screening (FMS) establishes your base line to determine potential weaknesses which need to be addressed in your training.

Equestrian athletes, even at the professional level, are required to train differently than other athletes due to the fact they have a partnership with a living breathing, eating, equine which also needs attention and care. This doesn’t change the fact that riders, in order to perform at their best and stay injury free need additional training off the horse.

Our goal at Equus Physio Ltd. is to create a rider a s close to symmetrical as possible, balanced and strong to carry out the specific discipline they perform.

What Does it Involve? 

  • History and future planning discussion

  • Video analysis of specified movement

  • In-depth review and breakdown of your movements 

  • Individual score for each specified movement

  • Total FMS score determining if you are at high risk of future injury

    • Scoring is based off ​evidence based research

  • Individualized training program designed for your specific goals, disciplines and results

  • Please note you will only perform the movements with which you are comfortable. Previous injuries and fitness level will be taken into consideration. Results may indicate physiotherapy or massage therapy prior to a training program.

Exercise Training:

  • Options available for coaching to take place at your barn/facility or at Equus Physio

  • One-on-one or group sessions

  • Functional Movement Assessments


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