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Sandra Oxtoby and Keira Forsyth attended their Masters of Science in Physiotherapy together at the University of Alberta. While here, they shared a vision of opening a physio practice dedicated to equestrian and equine athletes.  


Together at Equus Physio their primary focus is to assess, diagnose and treat injuries, dysfunctions and asymmetries. Their therapy will help restore optimal level of functioning through education, therapeutic exercise, medical modality equipment and manual hands-on treatment.  


  • We offer 1 on 1 treatments to ensure the therapist is entirely focused on your needs

  • Treatment areas are separate rooms - so you don't have to share with someone you don't know!

  • Treatment times are longer than the average clinic. This makes sure therapist isn't rushing through appointments and allows you to feel comfortable

  • We each have multiple post graduate degrees, with at least 6.5 years of university level education.

  • Each of us holds a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Alberta. 

  • We are both members of the Animal Rehabilitation Division of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association.

  • As physiotherapists, we have a regulatory body to govern us and practice standards to uphold.

  • We utilize evidence based and clinically relevant therapies and treatments.

  • We can perform both Equestrian Physiotherapy and Equine Physio.

  • We can investigate the intrinsic partnership of equestrian and equine as a whole and not two separate parts. 

  • We believe in not only rehabilitation but also prehabilitation.

  • We provide each equestrian and equine with an individualized home exercise program that is tailored to your individual discipline and specific dysfunction.

  • As competitive riders ourselves, we know our sport and understand the importance of getting back in the saddle.

Who We Are

Our purpose is to innovate the world of equine rehabilitation and specialized equestrian healthcare in order to improve wellness and performance in both entities.

Our mission is to provide high quality, evidence based treatment in the form of equestrian physiotherapy and massage therapy, as well as equine physio and equine sports massage.

Our vision is to energize the world of equine physio and rehabilitation and inspire equestrians to participate in proactive health care treatments across all disciplines to minimize pain and improve performance.