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Equus Physio Ltd. is currently closing its operations at its physical location in Cochrane.
Stay tuned for the FALL for what the NEW Equus Physio will look like! 

About Equus Physio



Equus Physio is a boutique mobile physiotherapy clinic offering support to equestrian athletes and their equine partners. Our primary focus is to assess, diagnose and treat injuries, dysfunctions and asymmetries. Our therapy goals are to help restore optimal level of functioning through education, therapeutic exercise, medical modality equipment and manual hands-on treatment.


Bridging the medical gap between physical injury and dysfunction and success in the saddle.


Riding Physiotherapy Clinics

Ever feel like your horse isn’t moving straight? Or that you have pain or stiffness somewhere in your body during or after riding? How about your instructor constantly reminding you to sit a certain way? Perhaps YOU & YOUR horse need some treatment.

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Phone: (587) 493-0444

Fax: (587) 493-9826

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